CUE Sheets in new version 4.15.3

フォーラム TuneBrowser CUE Sheets in new version 4.15.3

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    Hello there! I want to start this congratulating Tiki for his fantastic effort in TuneBrowser.

    I realized that editing tags in TuneBrowser is now resulting in partially broken CUE sheet for the PERFORMER tag.

    Let me try to explain it: Adding something for PUBLISHER tag (just an example) or even recording a ReplayGain scan to the CUE TuneBrowser will process original cue file and transform “PERFORMER” tag just to “P” and also as result only the first song will be absent of PERFORMER tag.

    Currently using “Extend” in CUESHEET style option. “Normal” would not record PLUBLISHER or ReplayGain to the cue file.

    It’s annoying because I have to manually fix the CUE after TuneBrowser processing the file.

    Have I made myself clear? Is it a know issue? Please let me know if you need any further information.

    I have attached a log showing some errors I got. Hope this helps.

    All my best,



    I see this in log:

    2020/06/22 17:55:27,770.410: T00868: TL09: TagMapping file not found. Init TagMapping by default.
    2020/06/22 17:55:27,770.556: T00868: TL09: – Tag name [TITLE ] -> [ALBUM ]: [Gleemen (MMP 168)]
    2020/06/22 17:55:27,770.576: T00868: TL09: – Tag name [P ] -> [P ]: [Gleemen]
    2020/06/22 17:55:27,770.588: T00868: TL09: – Tag name [COMMENT ] -> [COMMENT ]: [ExactAudioCopy v0.95b4]
    2020/06/22 17:55:27,770.617: T00868: TL09: – Tag name [DATE ] -> [DATE ]: [1970]
    2020/06/22 17:55:27,770.630: T00868: TL09: – Tag name [DISCID ] -> [DISCID ]: [7F09E90A]
    2020/06/22 17:55:27,770.641: T00868: TL09: – Tag name [GENRE ] -> [GENRE ]: [Progressive Rock]
    2020/06/22 17:55:27,770.652: T00868: TL09: – Tag name [CATALOG ] -> [CATALOG ]: [0000000000000]


    Hi, thank you for using TuneBrowser.

    And thanks again for explaining this in detail. Your explanation is very clear.

    But.. unfortunatly, I could not reproduce this problem. I added “Publisher” (ORGANIZATION) value into CUE file which was already contaning “PERFORMER” tag. Following is a log of the reloading process. PERFORMER tag is alive.
    2020/06/23 20:33:08,440.760: T0077c: TL10: TagMapping file not found. Init TagMapping by default.
    2020/06/23 20:33:08,440.924: T0077c: TL10: – Tag name [TITLE] -> [ALBUM]: [TuneBrowser Style Test]
    2020/06/23 20:33:08,441.054: T0077c: TL10: – Tag name [DATE] -> [DATE]: [1985]
    2020/06/23 20:33:08,441.101: T0077c: TL10: – Tag name [GENRE] -> [GENRE]: [Test]
    2020/06/23 20:33:08,441.244: T0077c: TL10: – Tag name [ORGANIZATION] -> [ORGANIZATION]: [TestPublisher]
    2020/06/23 20:33:08,441.376: T0077c: TL10: – Tag name [PERFORMER] -> [PERFORMER]: [Performer6]
    Can you upload CUE file?


    Hi! Thanks for your assistance. I attached a ZIP with a XLD original rip CUE and a TuneBrowser processed CUE. I also saved a log from ReplayGain scanner. Same broken CUE if any information is processed. It hangs on PERFROMER which in my software it outputs only P…

    Hope this helps. Thanks.




    Hi, thank you for uploading data.

    I could reproduce this “P” problem ! And I found a bug around CUE file processing.

    I’d like to release a new version in the next few days that fixes the problem.

    Thanks again for your notification.(^^)


    Fantastic! Thank you!



    I have released preliminary version of the TuneBrowser 4.15.4. This version is fixed this problem.

    If I remember correctly, you are using the UWP version. Sorry, but the preliminary version is the desktop version only, and the UWP version will take a little longer to release.

    Please wait a while.


    Hi! I just downloaded the new 4.15.4 UWP version and the bug has effectively gone! Thanks again!


    Thank you for your very very quick confirmation. (^^)

    And thanks again for your detailed and clear problem report.

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