4.15.0 predecessor Version – Feedback THANK YOU!

フォーラム TuneBrowser 4.15.0 predecessor Version – Feedback THANK YOU!

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    Andrew ACTON

    Hello Tiki

    I have downloaded V4.15.0 (preliminary) and tested several new functions.

    (a) Automatic Pre-empahsis Flag (updated) using CUE file information (if present).

    This works perfectly.

    With this new TuneBrowser feature ripping CDs and management of discs with pre-emphasis can now be FULLY AUTOMATED. 🙂


    (b) Image View window can be resized.

    Working as expected, thank you.

    One minor question, should the IMAGE WINDOW BORDER COLOUR match the THEME colour?

    I use the default THEME (dark grey) however the window is blue?    Can it match the THEME COLOUR?

    Please see the attached screen copy (4K display).   The CD cover is the about 300mm x300mm 🙂


    I’m very pleased that you could add these two new features.   I will purchase (immediately) another TuneBrowser license code to show my support. 🙂

    Cheers, Andrew



    Thank you very much indeed for your third payment and kindness (^^).

    I’ll explain blue frame later.


    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry for late.

    First, you can change blue frame by prefferences dialogbox.

    • Tree: Window/View – Colors
    • Grid: Window colors – PopupFrame

    The behavior of this popup window is different from other window like floating Player View. It cannot lock to stay on desktop, it cannot close forced by clicking some button.

    So I thought it should be a different color from other window (But blue… it may have been a little adventure(^^;).

    Andrew ACTON

    Hi Tiki,

    Thank you!   Your reply is very timely, especially considering my question was not a ‘real’ problem 🙂

    With your instructions I changed my window frame colour to BLACK (see attached picture).

    TuneBrowser is so flexible 🙂 🙂

    Thanks again, Andrew




    Thank you for confirmation.(^^)

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