New Function: Playback physical CD?

フォーラム TuneBrowser New Function: Playback physical CD?

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    Andrew ACTON

    Greetings Tiki,

    I often like to preview a CD (using the PC optical drive) before I decide to ‘rip’ the CD contents in TuneBrowser.

    Today, I use the inbuilt ‘Windows Media Player’ to preview (listen/skip through) a CD.

    Can TuneBrowser be used for direct playback an inserted CD?  

    Ideally, the CD drive could be simply be shown in the ‘Folder Tree’ View with Track01, 02, 03 etc.  There is no need for metadata, since the physical CD is on hand.

    If yes, TuneBrowser could be used for all functions (CD preview, CD ripping and PC music file management).

    Many thanks,  🙂




    Hi Andrew,

    You know, TuneBrowser can playback managed music tunes only. This is a very big assumption. So, current TuneBrowser cannot playback “temporary mounted CD” directly.

    But your suggestion is interesting. I’d like to consider possibilities, but anyway, please understand that it will be a big topic and it will take time.



    Andrew ACTON

    Hi Tiki,

    Thanks for the update, its understood.   🙂

    Please do not trouble yourself too much, however one day… if you are looking to add something to the  TuneBrowser feature list… it could be useful.

    Please feel free to close this question.

    Cheers, Andrew



    Thank you for your mind. (^^)


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