Problem: Normal Sound Playback can be become distorted loading a WWW Page

フォーラム TuneBrowser Problem: Normal Sound Playback can be become distorted loading a WWW Page

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    Andrew ACTON

    Greetings All,

    I have experienced (many times) a problem where the TB music is playing back (normally) and becomes heavily distorted (and continues playback distorted). This can be induced by loading a WWW page in a browser. (!) Certain WWW pages seem to trigger the sound problem in TB more than others.

    The TB playback will continue distorted until it is stopped/paused/FF etc. and then “Play” is pressed again (and then the playback is normal).

    Is this kind of problem related to PC CPU or RAM capacity? Are there some optimum performance settings for TB?

    Note also that I can reproduce the problem anytime.

    I have also tried:
    (a) Used different Web Browsers (Firefox / Vivaldi / Chrome) – the problem is the same in TB (i.e. can trigger the distortion).

    (b) I have used TB 4.3.2 and 4.4.0 and both versions have the same problem.

    (c) CPU usage is normally 30% and peaks to 60-70% (loading WWW page) so CPU availability does not seem to be the cause.

    (d) I tried RAM loading the track (and not) – this did not fix the TB playback problem.

    (e) I also tried many other TB options (no graphic eq, newly ripped CDs etc.). Same problem.

    I used WAV files (ripped by EAC) almost exclusively, however I CAN reproduce the problem with MP3 files so the problem does not seem to be related to the audio file format.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Hi, Andrew,

    Please confirm the type of DAC driver you are using.
    If it is WASAPI driver, also check modes Exclusive or Shared, and Push or Event. These modes can be switched in the Player View Indicator (at bottom right) by clicking mouse.

    And also, please try to update to the newest driver.

    Andrew ACTON

    Hi Tiki

    Great news, your instructions fixed my problem.

    I did some testing with the EXCL|SHR  and EVNT|PUSH  settings.

    (1) Original Setting = EXCL and EVNT (problem detected – occasional distortion)

    (2) Final Setting = EXCL and PUSH (working perfectly)

    So switching from EVNT to PUSH was the fix in my case.  I attach screen capture for reference:


    So now I run with EXCL and PUSH (several hours listening with NO PROBLEM).

    Thanks again … Andrew   🙂


    Thanks for your reporting.
    It’s nice to hear that. (^_^)

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