DSD to PCM Conversion suggestions

フォーラム TuneBrowser DSD to PCM Conversion suggestions

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    Hello, Tiki

    I have a few suggestions regarding the DSD to PCM Conversion feature:

    1. Can the default setting of ‘Auto’ be changed to ‘Fixed’?

    I think the word ‘Auto’ might be misleading since the output format is fixed at 44.1KHz.

    2. If it’s possible to change to ‘Fixed’, could you also provide an ‘Auto’ option for dynamic conversion?

    I think the settings of DoP could be a reference:

    – DoP64: 176.4kHz/device’s max bit depth

    – DoP128: 352.8kHz/device’s max bit depth

    The maximum sample rate for ‘Auto’ should be capped at 352.8kHz, as the DoP256 format is not very common.

    You might want to consider these two suggestions.

    Thank you!

    PS: Also, the DSD to PCM Conversion process isn’t an on-the-fly transcoding, is it? I’ve noticed that it takes a little time before the output is sent to the device for decoding.



    This function is for decoding to DAC. In the case of the Auto setting, the conversion is as follows.

    • 2822kHz -> 88.2kHz
    • 5644kHz -> 176.4 kHz

    If you are talking about file transfer to UPnP Renderer, conversion is only supported for audio/L16.


    Hello, Tiki

    I thought the DSD to PCM Conversion for UPnP renderer and local devices was the same…

    You’re right, for the UPnP renderer, it currently only outputs L16/44.1KHz.

    I would like to offer some suggestions.

    Many current streaming DAC devices generally can decode audio files up to 384KHz…

    At a minimum, there should be support for 192KHz…

    1. Is it possible to make some adjustments in the settings? (As there might still be some streaming DACs that only support up to 192KHz)

    For example:

    – DSD64: 88.2KHz

    – DSD128: 176.4KHz

    And then the maximum output value being 192KHz.

    2. Add an option for selecting the Maximum Bit depth: 16, 24, 32

    I hope you can consider these suggestions.

    Also, when using UPnP Renderer output, the waiting time for the DSD to PCM Conversion process is much longer than in Foobar2K…

    In Foobar2K, the DSD to PCM conversion process is almost instantaneous and very fast.

    Why is the conversion speed slower in TuneBrowser?



    Do you really think I know why?


    Hello, Tiki

    I forgot you use libdsd2pcm for conversion
    Sorry for causing you trouble…(=´ω`=)

    1. and 2. suggestions, You can consider taking a look if it’s possible.


5件の投稿を表示中 - 1 - 5件目 (全5件中)
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