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フォーラム TuneBrowser Advanced SOX options

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    I would like the ability to pass advanced options to the SOX engine so that I could for instance up sample to DSD 512 and further. I understand that Tunebrowser uses it’s own custom build of the SOX engine, but from some sly testing it seems to be compatible with what I would like to do.

    There are many examples why up sampling to DSD is preferable to simple PCM, despite it being more processor intensive. Please see this forum

    I believe this could be done in a way that is simple to implement, but also provides something no other utility can.
    If you look at this page it has an excel spreadsheet that will generate SOX commands.
    I believe that something similar could be implemented with TuneBrowser. Either via a text based input or by expanding the sox resampling options.
    Please see a mock up of the first option attached and thank you Tiki for all of your work. You have such an amazing player. I use it every day.



    TuneBrowser is using libsoxr only. I think this does not support DSD. Please understand.

    Thank you.



    While I have a bit of confusion between the different forks of SOX, this one specifically supports DSD and if I use a memory hack with TuneBrowser and replace the DLL it seems to work fine.



    TuneBrowser is using following APIs of soxr.

    • soxr_create
    • soxr_delete
    • soxr_process
    • and so on…

    I think these APIs are not supporting DSD.


    I’m very sorry but I’d like to close this topic.

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